Product owner vs product manager. What's the difference?

A product manager can be a product owner, but a product owner may not be able to work as a product manager.

A product manager has tactical and large-scale responsibilities while a product owner works closer to the product features and agile team.

In Scrum:

  • We have only one Product Owner who has the ultimate product responsibility.
  • A product owner is not all-knowing, so it requires other Scrum roles' contributions to the product backlog items.
  • A product owner is the ultimate decision maker and determines the most valuable backlog items with the help of the other Scrum roles.

A product owner who has business insight may be required in many organizations, which means a product manager.This means more work for the product manager, who often has to handle external and internal requests. A successful product manager MUST directly support the team that requires leadership by empowering and working with them in both the business and Scrum development team to do the work.

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